Doctor Testimonials

Doctor Testimonials

If you are serious about helping more people, addressing more conditions and not constantly treating the same symptoms over again because it always comes back — do NCi.

– Janice Jones, DC, Phoenix, AZ

I had a great time and feel like I now have something that I can use right away to potentially change someone’s life, physical and emontional experience.

-Alexander Khanin,DC,  San Francisco, CA

This course is paramount in relaxing the dura, being easier on both the patient and practitioner than other approaches.

– Dr. Peter Mulyk, Vancouver, B.C

In these days of a cash practice –  a tool such as NCi puts you in that position.

– Dr. Villalobos  El Monte,

The 3 Day program was structured in such a way that you will be able to go into your office on Monday morning and use NCi with confidence and immediately begin making a positive impact on your patient’s lives.

– Dr. Russ Horine, Salinas,CA

Excellent training, felt proficient at end of seminar, able to use Monday morning. Technique is more gentle, comfortable with more profound release and feelings of change. FEELS RIGHT!

– Mark Niblett, D.C.  Mukilteo, WA


Compared to other technique seminars…

Quick flow, simple and a lot of personal attention…


I liked the informal setting of this seminar, it created a positive learning environment.


I would recommend this seminar to any doctor who wants to go above and beyond…there is more personal attention (than other hands-on seminars).

– Dr. Spiros Cavelaris  West Hills,CA


Seattle-Sea Tac Area

Back L-R: Sky Boulom, DC, Carolyn Fancher, DC, Laura Stevens, ND, LAc (Intern)
Carey A. Pennington, LAc, Jim Dowling, RN, LAc, Lorina Shinsato, ND, LAc
Front L-R: Susan Castillo, DC, Jeudi Boulom, DC

NCi Training Seattle Sea










Dallas, TX

Back L-R: Darrell Hobson, DC, Judd Kendall, DC, George Putnam Jr. DC, Brett Jungman, DC

Front L-R: Peggy Bolks, DC, Robert Ritchie, DC, Dora Tryfonas, DC, Jerrod Wright, DC

NCi Dallas TX










San Diego, CA

L-R: Michael Zalben, DC, Rudy Reyes, DC, Dale Clark, DC, Tom Stuebe, DC
Ngan Tran, DC, Dennis Tso, DC

NCi San Diego CA












Chicago, IL

Back  L-R: Ed Gard, DC, Steve Jennings, DC, Bob Kunz, MD, Tim Kroneck, DC, Craig Ross, DC

Front  L-R: Lisa Dabbs, DC, David Vickerman, DC, Mary Kriebel, DC, Susann Fletcher, ND, Melissa Li, DC

NCi Chicago, IL










I will be using NCi in my practice tomorrow and look forward to great results.

-L. Dabbs, DC

I have been to over 70 seminars in my career and this is in the top 5…after a weekend of care, I feel great!

-S. Jennings, DC

NCi will allow me to take cranial work to the next level. Backed by great research…

-B. Kunz, MD

Northern California

L-R: John Gauruder, DC, Alexander Khanin, DC, Craig Ross, DC,
Matt Colman,DC, Darcy Dill, DC, Joel Alcantara,DC

Northern California

Had a great time, learned the technique, met some great people and opened my eyes to a new way of seeing the cranium.

-M. Colman,DC

This is by far the best cranial seminar that I have attended. This shortened the learning curve by far.

-John Gauruder,DC

I had a great time and feel like I now have something that I can use right away to potentially change someone’s life, physical and emontional experience. 

-Alexander Khanin,DC

 Los Angeles Area
Back L-R: Spiro Cavelaris, DC, Virginia Handley, DC, Glenn Hanley, DC, Rudy Reyes, DC, Amy Fleetman, DOM,LAc.,Thomas Stuebe,DC

Front L-R: Dave Bush, DC, Robert Good, DC, Dale Clark, DC

NCi Training LA









If you would like to help the patient by involving ALL the nervous system, this is definitely the approach.

-Virginia Handley, DC (65 years experience)


New and effective method of releasing dural tension. I was impressed with the research and the mechanism of addressing the dura.

-Tom Stuebe, DC

Dallas Area / Irving, Texas

Back L-R: Mike Falite, DC, Jason Minogue, DC, Damon Coffman, DC, Al Resch, DC
Front L-R: Matt Allen, DC, Matt Hunt, DC, Tim Kroneck, DC, Brett Jungman, DC, Stuart Marmorstein, DC










Great Seminar! You can immediately incorporate NCi into your practice. The amount of hands on work was a huge plus.

-Dr. Jungman

I was very happy with the hands-on instruction. I feel like this gets to the dura better than anything else I’ve done.

-Dr. Allen

Southern California

Back L-R: Dr. Cavelaris, Dr. Boulom, Dr. Reyes, Jessy J , Dr. Furno, Dr. Good, Dr. Pinto

Front L-R: Dr. Epstein, Dr. Fleetman

NCi South California











It was a great experience. The research and documentation made sense. The adjustment duplicated the documentation…the hands on brought it all together.


L-R: Dr. Reyes, Dr. Epstein, Dr. Furno, Mindi Abair , Dr. Boulom, Dr. Fleetman, Dr. Good

NCi Mindi Abair






Wonderful, easy to learn, step by step hands on instruction. A lot of repetition to perfect the technique.

Way cool, having famous entertainers stop by for treatment during the seminar.

Seattle, WA

Back L-R: Joel Alcantara, DC,Lora Dabney,DOM, LAc,Mark Niblett,DC,Robert Good,DC,Thomas Close,DC, Daniel Lewis,DC, Sky Boulom,DC
Front L-R: Michael Marchese,DC, Jill O’Brien,DOM,LAc, Linda Close, RN,LNP, Peter Mulyk,DC, Craig Ross,DC

NCi Seattle Wa









This technique is DIFFERENT! Different enough to make it worth your while. You will not be disappointed.

This was the BEST coaching of technique I have ever had in 30 years of practice.


Back L-R: Darrell Hobson, DC, Craig Ross, DC, Stuart Marmorstein, DC, Peggy Bolks, DC
Front L-R: Robert Ramirez, DC, Melissa Li, DC, Janice Jones, DC

NCi Training Dallas Tx










No matter what previous training you have in cranial work, NCi is the understanding of the cranium and dura that fits the final piece of the puzzle.

– Melissa Li, DC Chicago, IL


I felt I got what I needed as a seasoned cranial practitioner to understand and appreciate what I’ve already been doing and to be able to offer equivalent results to my patients with greater ease on their part and mine.

-Stuart Marmorstein, DC  Houston, TX