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Neuro Cranial Integration

Neuro Cranial Integration is for doctors that want optimum health for their patients. A simple yet powerful way to “Unleash the Healing Power of the Brain.” NCi is the “effective fusion of history, research and clinical innovation in the cranial field.”


NCi’s Mission

Healing the world one head at a time.


Neuro Cranial Integration Instructor & Developer

– Dr. Craig Ross

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Dr. Craig Ross, one of the nation’s leading chiropractic authorities on brain function and its affect on health and chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia, ADHD, Autism, Parkinson’s, Migraine Headaches and more, has returned to Southern California. In 2008, he co-developed CSi:Cranial Spinal Integration; in 2011 unveiled Neuro Cranial Integration: NCi – the most effective cranial technique which reaches the dura mater and is directly responsible to balance  the brain and nervous system for optimal health.

As a distinguished clinician, trainer, lecturer and researcher, Dr. Ross trains doctors internationally in this innovative and revolutionary technique.

Dr. Ross graduated with Cum Laude honors from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles, after simultaneously completing his undergraduate training in Physical Education and General Science at California State University, Northridge. Dr. Ross’ certification in the Care of the Elite and Professional Athlete further expands his ability to better serve his patients.

He is the founder of Doctors4Entertainers (D4E), a group of chiropractors that serve the Smooth Jazz, Rock, Comedy and Dance World, helping them improve their performance through optimum brain and body function. He is about to launch the Doctors4Athletes to better serve the athletic community.

Dr. Ross’ passion for children’s development and sports led him to teach in Los Angeles City Schools and coach baseball and softball for over 35 years. His continued coaching at the youth, high school and college levels resulting in a national championship and many national and state tournament appearances. This has also led him to his interest and skills in improving the function of children with ADHD, ADD and Autism.

With 27 years experience Dr. Ross has returned to the San Fernando Valley to share his expertise with the people of Southern California in Chiropractic Care and Neuro Cranial Integration.


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